Explore Desert Wildlife Safari with Falconry Display

Discover the mystical Arabian Deserts, renowned for their untouched terrain and rare flora and animals, on the Ultimate Desert Safari Experience possible. The real deal five-star Desert Safari to learn about the fascinating history and customs of the Bedouin people.

You may watch a spectacular Falconry display with free-flying birds of prey like falcons, hawks, and desert eagles or owls from your private dining spot in the middle of the desert. 

Take a Wildlife Drive in a quad bike or a dune buggy to witness the vast expanse of the dunes. After an adventure-filled time, settle down to watch a stunning performance of falconry, a tradition that dates back 2,000 years and is now an essential part of the culture of the United Arab Emirates.

Your finest opportunity to learn about the desert’s flora and animals, as well as the history of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, is on the Desert Safari. Whether you choose the Classic Arabic, Caravan Serai or Royal Sahara Desert Safari Dinner options, we curate your desert experience that is premium, exclusive and specially created for your loved ones. 

Desert Safari with Falconry Display

Each trip starts with a private pickup from your hotel on a 4×4 Landcruiser, where a trained guide accompanies you and gives you an overview of the desert safari experience, adventure activities and falconry display. Without revealing the thrill, he familiarises you with what to expect, what to avoid and how to be safe. 

You can feel traditional by adorning a Sheila/Ghutra (traditional headscarf) to protect you from the sand and sun or ensure you carry your scarf to protect you. Before you set off on your Desert Expedition, you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to snap pictures with classic Land Rovers with the backdrop of the desert. 

Experiencing a breathtaking Falconry display is intriguing. Traditional UAE culture includes a strong emphasis on falconry. Falconry, the art, and process of hunting wild animals in their natural habitats with trained falcons, has been practised by the inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates for almost 4,000 years. Participate in this lively discussion and learn firsthand about the history, practices, and lore of the ancient art of falconry. In modern Emirati society, falconry has surpassed other traditional sports in prestige. It exemplifies the virtues for which the Bedouins were renowned, such as tolerance, perseverance, and a commitment to the community. Discover the history and techniques of falconry through a 75-minute display featuring hawks, desert eagle owls, and barn owls.

As you drive into the desert, look for some rare native animals, including Arabian gazelles and the antelope-like Arabian oryx. 


Desert adventure experiences are unique, and the falconry display show is a photo opportunity. It is an excellent add-on to your private dining or corporate event as it is educational, informative, and entertaining. 

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