5 Best Ways to Enjoy the Dubai Desert Experience

The city of Dubai is the most vibrant of all in the United Arab Emirates. It has earned the reputation of being the most abundant location along the Persian Gulf. It flaunts its sparkling skyscrapers, exotic nightlife, and uber rich experiences, but a desert safari experiencein Dubai is the one thing that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the city’s offerings.

Spending an eventful day and momentous night in the great Arabian Desert can be curated to create unforgettable memories. From dune bashing to quad biking, watching wildlife to spending the evening immersed in entertainment all adds to an exclusive experience. It is a unique opportunity to stay in an Arabic tent in the middle of the desert while being surrounded by the splendour of nature.

As you plan to spend the day in the vast Arabian desert, remember that there are many exciting things to do and enchanting places to stay right in the middle of the desert that will help make your trip one to remember. Choose the activities and sights of your desert safari in Dubai that you’re most excited to experience and do so to the utmost.

A desert safari in Dubai is an event that you will remember for the rest of your life. The expanse of the Arabian desert, a private dinner amid the dunes, and the variety of engaging activities makes your trip worthwhile.

You can choose between several Dubai desert adventure tours, different photographic tours, exciting private dining experiences, an adventure-filled night safari, or a fantastic night out in the chilly desert with your sweetheart.

The Dubai night safari displays the best of Arabian nights and is something you should try at least once. It is embellished with exciting rides, music from Arabia, and delicious food. The desert safari in Dubai offers various activities, characterized by mornings that are picture-perfect and nights that are vibrant. We talked about how to make the most of a day spent in the vast desert of Arabia!

1. Early morning, when you can see the sunrise over the dunes.

At dawn, when the sun is closest to the horizon and at its brightest, you should travel to the vast Arabian Desert since this is the spot where the sun appears to be the most massive. Admire the splendour of the golden beauty and revel in the incredibleness. The sunrise in the desert is, without a doubt, the most photogenic scenes you will witness.

2. Dune bashing — A trip into the Arabian desert to do some exploration

An exhilarating experience on the most remarkable desert safari in Dubai is a trip on a jeep safari in the morning in a 4×4 sport utility vehicle (SUV) while in the middle of the enormous Arabian Desert and while passing through strong winds and massive sand dunes. You will often be picked up from your hotel in a jeep that will take you on a fantastic off-road drive that will continue for close to half an hour.

3. Sand ski – Feel the exhilaration of gliding across the sands of the desert.

Sand skiing is a solo-sport adventure activity that can be done on the seemingly endless stretches of sand. Sand skiing is a fun activity that may be done on a couple of dunes that are as high as 200 to 300 meters. The sand should be felt beneath your skis as you speed down the slope.

4. Quad biking – Ride like a winner

One of the most adrenaline-pumping activities that can be experienced on a desert safari in Dubai is riding a quad bike through the Arabian desert. An ideal activity for thrill-seekers on a tour of Dubai, quad-biking allows riders to navigate curves while providing a unique perspective of the desert landscape

5. Dune Buggy – Behind the wheel of energy

Get ready for some horsepower filled adventure with dune buggy in Dubai. The Polaris and CanAm buggies designed with amazing transmission systems, safety and multi-types of seating are a must try. Fuel your adventure passion by sinking into the bucket seats and clasping tight within the safe roll cages designed for utmost safety.


Your Dubai trip is never complete with some of the above fun desert adventure experiences. Allow us to create the best combination package with premium private dining, dune buggy rides, quad biking, camel trek and much more. Get in touch and book your ticket to adventure.

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